for psoriasis
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Phyto-ointment Antipsoriaz and Vitapsor

Phyto-ointment Antipsoriaz is a natural remedy, specifically developed to effectively help psoriasis sufferers. It is relatively inexpensive, but maybe, it is exactly what you were long searching for.


84-87% of Antipsoriaz users achieve good and excellent results.


Can be used anywhere – at home or while traveling.


Can be safely applied while using medicines for other ailments.

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Produced since 2002 About the product

Phyto-ointment Antipsoriaz is a well-known Russian remedy developed and manufactured nearly 20 years ago. Since then, it has been actively used in more than 100 Russian cities. It is valued and loved even in far-off places such as, for instance, New Zealand.

Phyto-ointment Antipsoriaz is a patented remedy (RF patent № 2246935) with a base formula of fresh plant juices. Extracts of these juices are then converted into an oily consistency with minimal loss of active phyto-components. This makes the ointment highly effective. (84% – 87% of users achieve significant or practically total purity of skin lasting a year to a year and a half and longer.

In 2006, Phyto-ointment Antipsoriaz was certified in Germany, which means its effectiveness has lawful acceptance in all European countries.

European Certification of Russian Federation
Patent for invention
Customs Declaration of compliance with safety requirements of perfume-cosmetic products
2007 year
Order of Hippocrates for treatment of Psoriasis

The creators of Phyto-ointment Antipsoriaz and Vitapsor have been awarded the Order of Hippocrates for their contribution to the development of national medicine.